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I partnered with Visit Florida as a photographer & influencer to highlight outdoor adventure in the sunshine state of Florida. The purpose of this campaign was to promote the destination Florida and to showcase the natural beauty, national parks and activities around the state.

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 Indonesia is an incredible destination. The diversity from beaches that make you feel like your in paradise to the wildlife and just the overall breathtaking scenery blows my mind. The nature and fascinating culture have pushed the country high on the list of my favorite places I have visited over the years.

On our two week trip across Indonesia we traveled to some amazing location including Bali, Java, Raja Ampat and many more. The scope of this campaign was to showcases the beauty and the culture of Indonesia in both video and stills.

Some impressions from the trip:

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Tucked between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean (and politically part of Denmark), it is a self-governed group of 18 volcanic islands. The adventurers start the archipelago's steep cliffs, hiking trails, waterfalls, and rocky coastlines.

Together with “Visit Faroe Islands” we spent 10 days exploring the most unique and remote places this islands has to offer.

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Growing up in this beautiful part of the world, I am very font on the relationship I have build with the tourism board of South Tyrol in northern Italy. Over two years now I have been working side by side with the Tourism board creating striking and wanderlust inciting images and videos that helped them expand their social media presence.

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Madeira is not you just a ordinary travelling destination. Although mostly sunny throughout the year, Madeira is not the place for the beach lovers, but for the outdoors enthusiasts. Located in the Atlantic Ocean 540 miles from the Lisbon shores, Madeira has long been known as the Spring Island due to its year-round lush vegetation and incredible variation of colourful flowers

A dream come true. One week exploring the island of Madeira. So much diversity and natural beauty on this little island.
We were on assignment for Visit Madeira we created travel and outdoor focused content for the tourism board.

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